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SIP your way to tax-saving

SIP your way to tax-saving through ELSS Funds

Ranganayaki R

SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) are increasingly getting popular as the preferred mode of investment today. Investors are ready to keep aside a minimal amount every month for SIPs, rather than…Continue Reading

Taking Advantage of Volatility

Arun Kumar

The returns from equities for the last 1-2 years haven’t been great. The mid and smallcap category has taken a larger hit compared to large caps. The reasons range from…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Features : Easy Transfer

Ranganayaki R

You’ve invested in 20+ Mutual Fund schemes through 4+ online/offline platforms and AMCs. Your funds are scattered all over the place, and you are unable to track and manage them…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Features: Portfolio Review

Anirban Chakraborty

Mutual funds are a versatile and accessible way of entering the world of investment, even with negligible knowledge of all the technical jibber-jabber. While funds offer a free-for-all pass to…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Strategies: Liquid or Arbitrage funds for short-term money?

Ashwini Arulrajhan

When you look at low-risk options for parking short-term money, liquid funds are often opted for. But the tax-conscious amongst you often ask us if you should go for arbitrage…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Strategies: Challenge fund managers with this election portfolio

Mutual Fund Research Desk

If there is one thing that is hogging news headlines these days, it is elections. With several state elections coming up and the general elections next year, there is enough…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Strategy: The time to invest more and where to invest

Vidya Bala

In early September last year, we suggested that the next six months could be a good time to average (to see the detailed article, please click here). We came up…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Views: Election uncertainty removed; what next for the markets?

Vidya Bala

The equity markets expressed its disappointment on Monday over the Bihar results, but recovered quite well from its lows on market close. If one observed, the markets  may have been…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Strategies: How to invest in a falling market

Vidya Bala

In what seems to be an ongoing bout of global risk aversion following the yuan’s devaluation, equities and emerging market currencies have seen a significant correction. While one can argue…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Strategy: The Budget and Your Investments

Vidya Bala

Budget 2015 may not have any big bang reform announcements to showcase to the world. But the proposal, at least in words, means business in terms of strengthening the fiscal…Continue Reading