SIP Calculator

Tax Saving Calculator for FY 2018-19

Use this calculator to calculate how much tax you can save by investing in ELSS, NPS and other 80C instruments.

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My Monthly Investment Calculator 2018

Suppose you want to have ₹ 10 lakhs in 5 years. How much should you save and invest using SIP on a monthly basis from now until then? Use this calculator when you know how much money you need at a point in time, and would like to know what the SIP amount should be.

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My Child’s Education Expenses Calculator 2018

Use this calculator to determine the amount of monthly SIP investment or bulk amount investment required to meet the goal of a child's future education needs. All you need to know is the age of the child, and your estimate of cost of education today, and the calculator will do the rest.

Calculate SIP for Child's education

My Child’s Marriage Expenses Calculator 2018

Use this calculator to determine the amount of monthly SIP investment or bulk amount investment required to meet the goal of a child's marriage needs. If you know how many years you have to save up, and the cost of a marriage (in today's terms), we can do the math to figure out how much you need to save for the future.

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My Retirement Plan & Pension Calculator 2018

How much will you need after retirement? How much do you need to save today to meet that requirement? Here is a one-step calculator that will answer both the questions for you. All you need to know is how much money, in today's terms, you will need after retirement. We will calculate the future value of that money, the lump-sum target required for generating an annuity, and tell you how much you need to invest starting today (as SIP) to achieve that corpus. A super one-step calculator that tells you exactly what you need to do starting today for a peaceful retired life!

Retirement needs and investment calculator

SIP & Mutual Fund Returns Calculator 2018

We all save, we all invest, we all do SIP. But do we know what the value of your investments will be at the end of the day? Use this quick calculator to figure out the value of your investments at the end of your SIP tenure

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Return on my step-up SIP

Here is how you can start investing for your financial goal even before you can contribute the entire sum of money towards. With Step-up SIP you can start investing an initial amount and then gradually increase it till it reaches the final amount. Here is a Step-up SIP calculator that will help you compute the returns when you setup a step-up SIP.

Step-up SIP Calculator

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