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    Your credit score is a numerical value that denotes your creditworthiness. To build a strong financial future, it is important to understand your credit. You can now download your CIBIL Trans-Union report (in association with the Credit Information Bureau Limited (CIBIL)) from your FundsIndia Investment account!

    The CIBIL Trans-Union Report will give you a score of your credit worthiness, and is quite useful if you have existing loans / borrowings (including credit cards), or if you are seeking fresh loans. All loan lenders check an individual’s credit score before approving their loan application, and this report furnishes vital credit information that a lender would look for.

    Do you need your credit score? Yes!

    Are you applying for a home loan?

    Then, YES, you certainly need to know your credit score!

    Are you applying for a car loan?

    Of course, it is mandatory to know your credit score!

    Do you want to know your credit history?

    Your credit report will tell you all about your current loans (including credit cards)!

    To score well in your financial journey, it is important to find out your credit score. It will constitute a value between 300 (lowest) to 900 (highest). If your score is low, then it can be increased by changing your credit habits for the better. It generally takes about 18 to 36 months to satisfactorily improve your credit score, and to get back on track to building a strong financial future.

    Get your credit score and report today. Look at it before your lender looks at it.

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