Bata India: Case Study on How Price Behaves

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It is common knowledge that stock price  movement is governed by demand and supply for the stock concerned. For a stock to move up, demand should over-weigh supply and vice-versa.…Continue Reading

Tata Motors DVR: Uptrend Set To Resume

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Tata Motors DVR has been one of the top performers in the bull run that started almost a year ago. After a nice rally, the stock has been in a…Continue Reading

Tata Steel: Short-Term Buying Opportunity

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The stocks from the metals sector took a drubbing in the recent weeks after the developments relating to the coal block allocations. Tata Steel too was a casualty  and the…Continue Reading

Jain Irrigation: Why Does Price Turn?

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Technical analyst use quite a few tools to arrive at a potential turning point in price. By turning points we refer to support / resistance where price turns around.  The…Continue Reading

Colgate Palmolive: Worthy Addition to Portfolio

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After a sharp rise, the Colgate Palmolive stock has been receding to lower levels since July 25. The fall was arrested at the key decision point cum support zone at…Continue Reading

Kotak Mahindra Bank: A Prime Candidate For Core Portfolio

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Even if you are a active stock market trader, it always makes sense to have a core portfolio consisting of high quality stocks spread across key sectors. One can use…Continue Reading

Bosch: Top Quality Stock

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Bosch is one of the top quality MNC stock that deserves an inclusion in most portfolios. After a minor downward correction in the past few weeks, the stock price action…Continue Reading

Tata Steel: Headed to Rs.690

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The Tata Steel stock has been on a roll this week and has reached our target of Rs.500 mentioned in the previous update. Looking at the long-term charts and the…Continue Reading

Nifty: Short-term Update

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After our long term update on the Nifty, there has been a lot of query about the short-term outlook. The recent spike in the Nifty has made quite a investors…Continue Reading

Nifty: Destination 11,000

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Nifty has almost reached our earlier target of 6,850-6,900. Hence, we decided to put out a long-term update. While the headline of the post might sound dramatic, here is our…Continue Reading

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