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FundsIndia Views: 2018 – taking stock of markets and economy

Vidya Bala

‘So much has happened but nothing has changed’. This will describe the performance of the equity and debt market in 2018. 2018 was a year of much activity in companies…Continue Reading

Dynamic bond funds are shifting strategies

Bhavana Acharya

If there was one characteristic for the debt market last year, it was the suspense over interest rate direction and the consequent decisions of debt fund managers. More specifically, dynamic…Continue Reading

The smart way to invest in gold

Bhavana Acharya

You would think an Exchange Traded Fund or a gold fund is the answer to the best way to invest in gold. And you would be right, until a few…Continue Reading

The opportunity lies in cyclical sectors

Bhavana Acharya

Domestic industrials and sectors driven by urban consumption are two areas where Venugopal Manghat sees potential. The Co-Head Equities, at L&T Mutual Fund, he explains why. Edited excerpts from an…Continue Reading


Guard yourself from risks in debt funds

Vidya Bala

The recent news of Amtek Auto’s problems with its debt and the holding of its debt instrument in a few mutual fund schemes raised a debate on whether debt mutual…Continue Reading

Jain Irrigation: Why Does Price Turn?

FundsIndia Desk

Technical analyst use quite a few tools to arrive at a potential turning point in price. By turning points we refer to support / resistance where price turns around.  The…Continue Reading

Changes in FundsIndia’s ‘Select Funds’ List

Vidya Bala

FundsIndia’s ‘Select Funds’, a list of investment-worthy funds across various categories, helps you narrow your investment choice from the 100s of funds that you have to otherwise sift through before…Continue Reading

An email exchange inside FundsIndia

Srikanth Meenakshi

A few minutes back, there was an email exchange between one of our advisors and our head of research, Vidya. It kind of illustrates the kind of dialogues we have…Continue Reading

“Value investing is a far bigger opportunity in India now”

Vidya Bala

Even as the equity markets continue to puzzle its participants with the daily ups and downs, ICICI Pru AMC has gone ahead and launched its value-focussed fund, ICICI Prudential value…Continue Reading

Nifty: Short-tem Update August 5 – 8

FundsIndia Desk

In the FundsIndia FREE weekly market outlook webinar held on Friday, we discussed the possibility of a relief rally in the Nifty. The index has seen a one-sided fall with…Continue Reading

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