FundsIndia Strategies: Three uses for liquid funds this time of the year

Vidya Bala

Closer to March, your budget may have to accommodate a few one-off expenses. If you have not already thought of those, here are a few: One, you would be required…Continue Reading

Nifty: Sloped Retracement Explained

FundsIndia Desk

In the latest Free Weekly Webinar that we host every Friday, we mentioned that there is a case for a recovery in the Nifty. What was the basis for saying so?…Continue Reading

Budget 2013- 10 measures that can impact you

Vidya Bala

Are the budget proposals expected to boost economic growth? I don’t think so, but that story can wait. For retail investors, the budget is a mixed bag. The finance minister…Continue Reading

Good funds alright but are they right for you?

Vidya Bala

Some of you may be doing your own groundwork on what fund to choose for your portfolio. You may end up with at least half a dozen good funds but…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Recommends: PineBridge India Short Term Fund

Vidya Bala

Opportunity in the rate curve Investors with limited risk appetite and looking for opportunities in the debt product spectrum can consider investing in PineBridge India Short Term Fund. This fund…Continue Reading

FundsIndia recommends:Reliance Equity Opportunities

Vidya Bala

A ride across equity country Reliance Equity Opportunities is a good fit for investors willing to ‘go anywhere’ within the equity universe, to earn market-beating returns. Yes, Reliance Equity Opportunities…Continue Reading

Income funds score over fixed deposits

Vidya Bala

For most investors, mutual funds mean investing in equities and therefore come tagged with risks. Given this, for a risk-averse investor, there may be little choice left than to invest…Continue Reading


FundsIndia Recommends: ICICI Pru Dynamic

Vidya Bala

A good defender If you are looking for a fund that would defend your portfolio well, ICICI Pru Dynamic will fit your requirement. The fund managed a good 27 percent…Continue Reading

Liquids funds – A supplement to your savings bank account

Vidya Bala

Have you been idling large sums in your savings bank account just to provide for any unforeseen need? If so, you could have managed 5-6 percentage points more by setting…Continue Reading