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FundsIndia Reviews: UTI Equity

Bhavana Acharya

Among multicap funds today, UTI Equity holds a 1-year return of 3.8% at a time when most peers and the Nifty 500 TRI are sporting losses. This is a far…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Explains: Rebalancing a Mutual Fund Portfolio

Mutual Fund Research Desk

When you start to invest in Mutual Funds, you build a diversified, asset-allocated portfolio. This allocation is based on your goal timeline, your risk appetite, and other factors. That is,…Continue Reading


Should your Age Determine your Equity Allocation?

Gourav Kumar

If you are investing in mutual funds, you might have heard people talk about portfolio allocation. It is often advised to keep your equity allocation at 100 minus your age.…Continue Reading

Mutual funds are betting big on the financial sector

Bhavana Acharya

Banking and financial services are the most favoured sectors for equity mutual funds, with both sectors seeing their share in equity fund AUM inching steadily higher. Data from SEBI show…Continue Reading

You don’t have to add schemes when you increase investments

Vidya Bala

“I want to invest more/I want to increase my SIPs. Can you suggest good new funds that I don’t hold?”  – is a question that we hear often. The key…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Features: The Instant Wealth Designer

FundsIndia Desk

Investing regularly helps builds wealth. You may have heard this axiom several times, and you might even agree to it. The world’s most successful investors swear by it. But there’s…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Features: Are you killing your investment portfolio?

FundsIndia Desk

Okay, so you’ve set goals, and you’re investing for them. Congratulations! You’re a practitioner of the best and most-recommended form of investing – portfolio (or goal-based) investing. But is that…Continue Reading

Now, a portfolio crafted to ride the India growth story

Sathyamoorthy N

We all know that the new Indian government has launched a whole set of reform initiatives. Thanks to these, the country’s economy is poised to grow on a fast track…Continue Reading

Reach your goals, the smart way!

FundsIndia Desk

Goal-based investing is the surefire way to ensure your investments don’t disappoint you. And there can be no better way to invest for your goals than through our Smart Solutions…Continue Reading