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FundsIndia Strategies: Why a low volatile strategy wins

Vidya Bala

When many of you come with your own choice of funds – be it sector funds, or aggressive top charters in the equity space, we often tell you that we…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Features: A luxury car that drives you to your goal

FundsIndia Desk

A luxury car is waiting outside your house. It is an absolute dream-like drive machine with looks to kill. As you stand outside gaping at it with child-like excitement, the…Continue Reading

Winner – ‘CNBC-TV18 – UTI National Online Advisory Service Award’ for the Second Time in a Row!

FundsIndia Desk

It is said that what we repeatedly do defines us. That’s why excellence can never be an act; it is a habit. It makes us extremely proud to tell you…Continue Reading


FundsIndia reviews: The credit opportunity in debt funds

Sathyamoorthy N

The stock market’s phenomenal performance since late 2013 may have shifted all your attention to equity funds. In the process, you may have missed out on some less flashy opportunities…Continue Reading

Savings, Investments and Insurance – Three Different Animals

Dev Ashish

Does the title surprise you? Then it’s mainly because you have been using these three terms interchangeably, without knowing the actual difference between them. Hopefully, at the end of this…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Strategies: The Equity Fund Playbook for Rookie Investors

Vidya Bala

If you are among the many FundsIndia investors who have started investing in mutual funds in recent months, here’s a ‘Playbook’ for all of you. It is simply about how…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Features: Are you killing your investment portfolio?

FundsIndia Desk

Okay, so you’ve set goals, and you’re investing for them. Congratulations! You’re a practitioner of the best and most-recommended form of investing – portfolio (or goal-based) investing. But is that…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Features: Group to grow!

FundsIndia Desk

News flash: Your fund manager isn’t the only person responsible for the profitability of your investments; you are too! Yes, instead of just logging in to your FundsIndia account and…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Reviews: Equity Savings Funds

Sathyamoorthy N

Equity savings funds are a new variant in the equity mutual fund basket. Exposure to equity, a part of which is hedged, and then some debt, and you have this…Continue Reading

Why debt funds work better than FDs

Sathyamoorthy N

If you are worrying about falling interest rates leaving you with no fixed income options, you are right – if your only fixed income option is bank Fixed Deposits (FDs).…Continue Reading

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