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Short take: Your liquid funds are back in the green

Vidya Bala

If you have been worrying about the status of your liquid funds, it may be heartening for you to know that all of them have not only erased the losses…Continue Reading

Substitute your RD with SIPs in Income funds

Vidya Bala

If you were asked to name an investment option that will allow you to put small sums on a regular basis, recurring deposits of banks would be the one on…Continue Reading

Long is the name of the equity game

Vidya Bala

Even as all eyes are glued to the debt market, the equity market has its own story to tell, if we care to listen; what with forward valuations (price earnings…Continue Reading

The CRISIL-AMFI mutual fund performance index says it all

Vidya Bala

No number crunching this week from me! We have some ready-to-crunch data offered by CRISIL-AMFI on mutual fund performance. For all those mutual fund investment skeptics, the recently launched CRISIL-AMFI…Continue Reading

To be or not to be in the market?

Vidya Bala

The S&P BSE Sensex fell 3% in the last one month and as if that weren’t enough, bond yields have been moving up since May 22, causing a fall in…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Reviews: NFO of MOSt Focused 25

Vidya Bala

A focused bet on quality stocks Asset manager Motilal Oswal would be graduating from passive fund management in equity mutual funds to a more active strategy, with the launch of…Continue Reading

Should you have sector funds in your portfolio?

Vidya Bala

For those of you not new to mutual funds, the above question would have crept in your mind at least a few times in the past couple of years. Many…Continue Reading

Mutual fund labeling: What colour is your fund?

Vidya Bala

Come July 2013, mutual funds are set to become more colourful; literally! We are talking of the new SEBI’s circular on product labeling in mutual funds. What exactly is product…Continue Reading

Should you choose the dividend option or the growth option?

Vidya Bala

“Should I go for growth option or take out the dividends in my fund?” – is a question frequently asked by many of you, when venturing into mutual fund investments.…Continue Reading


Mutual funds – 2012 performance round up

Vidya Bala

It was not a particularly easy year for the mutual fund industry. Regulatory changes at a frequency that was hard to keep pace with, fund manager churns, big ticket takeover…Continue Reading

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