From gains to wealth

Aparna Hari

The recent announcement of the 7th Pay commission brought smiles to many Central Government employees as their pensions and salaries were bumped up considerably. Congratulations if you are one among…Continue Reading

Time can be your friend, IF…

Shweta Nichani

You start right away. We’ve spent most of our lives running around, getting things done right at the very last minute, haven’t we? We’ve been late to meetings and events,…Continue Reading

FundsIndia View: The story behind how your wealth is created

Vidya Bala

Motilal Oswal has come out with its 20th Annual Wealth Creation Study for five years between 2010 and 2015. We only thought it apt to not just showcase the results…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Features: The Instant Wealth Designer

FundsIndia Desk

Investing regularly helps builds wealth. You may have heard this axiom several times, and you might even agree to it. The world’s most successful investors swear by it. But there’s…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Strategies: Why a low volatile strategy wins

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FundsIndia Strategies: The Equity Fund Playbook for Rookie Investors

Vidya Bala

If you are among the many FundsIndia investors who have started investing in mutual funds in recent months, here’s a ‘Playbook’ for all of you. It is simply about how…Continue Reading

Why you lose money when you invest

Vidya Bala

“I lost money in mutual funds. I do not wish to invest in them again. I am happy with what my fixed deposits give me.” This was what a neighbour…Continue Reading