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Shweta Nichani is a Content Writer for the Digital Marketing team at She loves reading and drawing parallels between books and investing.

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Why should you invest in ELSS

Shweta Nichani

By now, most of you might agree that Mutual Funds Sahi Hai. You now probably know that mutual funds are a great way to build wealth, but did you know…Continue Reading

7 Reasons to start a SIP

Shweta Nichani

SIP – it’s the word you come across everyday, in newspapers, online, hoardings, pamphlets, conversations with friends, colleagues or even neighbours. It seems like the word of the season, and…Continue Reading

BUT… the three letter word stopping you from becoming wealthy

Shweta Nichani

This three letter word has become such an ingrained part of our lives, we don’t even realize it’s stopping us from growing, from being better than we are. Here are…Continue Reading

How to go from Rs. 35 to Rs. 35,00,000!

Shweta Nichani

Title caught your eye? Well, it’s true. We did the math and you can actually make Rs. 35,00,000 from Rs. 35, and it’s easy! But before we tell you how,…Continue Reading

6 Point Checklist for Financial Security

Shweta Nichani

Happiness is “Salary of INR xx,xxx credited to a/c xxxxXXXXxxxx”. You’re either jumping with joy because it’s time to party or (and I suspect this is the case most of…Continue Reading

Are these mistakes coming in the way of your first million?

Shweta Nichani

Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Ka-ching! You are  now the proud owner a million rupees! Do you want a seven figure financial balance? It’s not as hard as you think. All you’ve got…Continue Reading

Yoga and Investing – What’s common? More than you think!

Shweta Nichani

Health is wealth – there’s no doubt about it. But health doesn’t just mean physical health, mental health is just as significant. Yoga is a wonderful way to maintain both…Continue Reading

7 reasons why we need to save every month

Shweta Nichani

Saving – the one thing every kid learns, whether it is to buy chocolates, the new Batman figurine or craft kits. We’ve all grown up with this one good habit,…Continue Reading

The Three Step Guide to Owning Designer Products…

Shweta Nichani

…With your fresher’s salary “Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” — Vivienne Westwood There’s just something about fashion…Continue Reading

Lessons from the gym can make you rich!

Shweta Nichani

Health is wealth, isn’t it? The fitter you are in mind, body and soul, the happier you live. It’s hard not to agree with that. What’s interesting is that, there…Continue Reading

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