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Alpha | Dixon Technologies Ltd. – Equity Research Desk

Equities Desk

Dixon Technologies Ltd. – Biggest LED TV Producer Dixon Technologies (India) Limited is the largest homegrown design-focused solutions company engaged in manufacturing products in the consumer durables, lighting, and mobile…Continue Reading

Alpha | Meghmani Finechem Ltd. – Equity Research Desk

Equities Desk

Meghmani Finechem Ltd. – Value Adding Products Meghmani Finechem Ltd (MFL), part of the Ahmedabad-based Meghmani group, was incorporated in September 2007 as a subsidiary of Meghmani Organics Ltd (MOL),…Continue Reading

Alpha | Eris Lifesciences Ltd. – Equity Research Desk

Equities Desk

Eris Lifesciences Ltd – Therapeutic returns Eris was incorporated as a public company in February 2007. It is engaged in manufacturing and marketing branded finished dosages in the Indian Pharmaceutical…Continue Reading

Multi-Time Frame Analysis Using Technical Chart

Perumal Raja

Successful trading is all about making the right decisions at the right times, and an integral part of this process lies in reading charts. Though predicting markets isn’t something that…Continue Reading

Option Trading Strategies – Bear PUT / Debit PUT Spread Explained – Equity Research

Equities Desk

With the help of this strategy, one can make good returns with moderate risk. Basic: If a trader is bullish on an underlying asset, he will buy a CALL Option…Continue Reading

What to do when equity markets hit all-time highs?


“Buy Low, Sell High”, is the general market wisdom.  Going by the same logic, when markets reach all-time highs, should you reduce your equity allocation or stay invested?  Here is…Continue Reading

Humbled by the Markets

Arun Kumar

It is inevitable that at some point in time during your investment journey you will hear this warning… The EXPERT who predicted the last market crash is predicting the next…Continue Reading

A Strategy That Pretends To Be Inferior But Ends Up Being Superior

Arun Kumar

We have always remained strong proponents of Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) in Equities.  Equity SIPs align comfortably with our salary cycle and help us in automating your monthly savings. Most…Continue Reading

How to Deploy Lumpsum into Equities?

Arun Kumar

The Dilemma! Generally there are a number of questions when deploying large sums of money into equities. Should you invest now or wait for a market correction? What if you…Continue Reading

The ‘Rebuilding India’ Budget

Arun Kumar

A pragmatic, bold and growth oriented budget with a focus on capital spending to revive the economy without resorting to higher taxes. Quick Summary A budget focused on investment-led growth…Continue Reading