A Strategy That Pretends To Be Inferior But Ends Up Being Superior

Arun Kumar

We have always remained strong proponents of Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) in Equities.  Equity SIPs align comfortably with our salary cycle and help us in automating your monthly savings. Most…Continue Reading

What happens when you start your Equity SIP and the market crashes?

Shrinath M L

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FundsIndia Explains: Effect of volatility on fund returns

Gourav Kumar

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When your SIP returns turn negative

Mutual Fund Research Desk

If you had started investments in equity SIPs in the past 3 months or 6 months or in some cases even one year, your annualized returns (IRR) would likely be…Continue Reading

Make pit stops to build wealth

Noorain Mohammed Nadim

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FundsIndia Strategies: Lump sum or SIP?

Vidya Bala

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FundsIndia Strategies: Three Investment Mistakes to Avoid Now

Vidya Bala

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SIPs Make Anytime a Good Time to Invest

Vidya Bala

With equity markets zooming from September 2013 until now, you may either be feeling left out, or you may fear entering the market rather late. You don’t have to, if…Continue Reading