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Are retail inflation indexed bonds attractive?

Vidya Bala

The much-awaited inflation-indexed bonds for retail investors will be out this month. Christened, Inflation Indexed National Savings Securities, these bonds, though, take a slightly different avatar from what was initially…Continue Reading

5 tax planning mistakes that salary earners should avoid

Vidya Bala

It’s tax-saving season yet again. But this time, make sure you gain the most from the incentives that the taxman provides while ensuring you do not end up making costly…Continue Reading

Are tax-free bonds suitable for you?

Vidya Bala

It’s the season of tax-free bonds, or so it looks, going by the series of issues made by companies. So what exactly are these tax-free bonds and do they make…Continue Reading

Save early, save yourselves from these retirement nightmares

Vidya Bala

If you think you are well prepared to retire in style, think again after reading this: The next generation of retirees believe that their retirement savings are expected to last…Continue Reading

REC tax-free bond offers attractive rates

Vidya Bala

The tax-free bond issue of Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) offers an attractive opportunity for you to lock into low risk and superior tax-free interest income when compared with fixed deposits…Continue Reading

It’s time you asked your employer for Corporate NPS

Vidya Bala

…if your company does not have one. Very slowly but steadily, The National Pension System or NPS (governed by the PFRDA), has been making progress in terms of honing investment…Continue Reading

Are inflation-indexed bonds attractive?

Vidya Bala

The much-awaited government bonds that seek to protect you from inflation is all set to be issued. Called inflation indexed bonds (IIB), these bonds will carry a fixed coupon rate…Continue Reading

Spotting a ponzi scheme

Vidya Bala

We have never been short of ponzi schemes and that too innovative ones. These scams are not restricted to the usual asset classes; they have taken into their fold the…Continue Reading

Investment Guide for Today’s Professionals

Srikanth Meenakshi

At FundsIndia, we are happy and proud to release our next investment publication. It’s a handbook – a guide – for the modern day professional about making and managing investments.…Continue Reading


Harness the power of compounding through proper asset allocation

Vidya Bala

You are about to put your money in a three-year corporate deposit that offers 12.5 per cent a year. Your agent tells you that you will actually enjoy a higher…Continue Reading

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