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Equity Markets near an all-time high. But why did Little Albert cry?

Arun Kumar

Pavlov’s Dogs: In the 1980’s Russian psychologist, Ivan Pavlov was researching salivation in dogs in response to being fed. He predicted that the dogs would salivate in response to the…Continue Reading

Experiencing long term investing, one short term period at a time

Arun Kumar

Imagine there are three bowls of water in front of you – one cold, one hot, and another at room temperature. Assume you put one hand in the bowl with…Continue Reading

FI Stable Growth 25

FundsIndia launches: FI Stable Growth 25

Arun Kumar

Investment researchers across the world, have found out that a group of stocks with certain specific characteristics reward investors more than the popular market cap based benchmarks (such as Nifty…Continue Reading

Will the Tata group shake up impact your funds?

Vidya Bala

As the story of the Tata conglomerate unceremoniously firing its Chairman unfolded, some of the key listed Tata group stocks took a hit post Monday’s news. The event added further…Continue Reading


Maruti Suzuki India Ltd : Safe Drive

Equities Desk

Maruti Suzuki India Limited is an India-based company engaged in the business of manufacture, purchase and sale of motor vehicles, auto mobile components and spare parts (auto mobiles). The other…Continue Reading

Does real estate score over equity?

Sathyamoorthy N

“I made huge money in real estate, but not in equities.” You may well be one of those who will agree with this statement. And it may be true. But…Continue Reading

Be in equities to protect wealth

Vidya Bala

If the above headline does not convince you, this article has enough numbers to clear your doubt. The table below is an extract of a recent report by Morgan Stanley…Continue Reading

Don’t be afraid to get rich

Vidya Bala

It didn’t need much deliberation for me to choose the title of this article; straight from the gut, if you’d like to call it. Before I proceed, let’s get one…Continue Reading

FundsIndia View: Three Mistakes to Avoid in an Equity Market Recovery

Vidya Bala

Fear and rationality are often thrown with reckless abandon in equity market rallies. 2003-07 did see investors do this; but they paid quite a heavy price in the ensuing fall.…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Strategies: Three Investment Mistakes to Avoid Now

Vidya Bala

With equity markets scaling new peaks, those of you who are already invested in equity funds, or are new to equities, may be thrilled. Thanks to the move, you may…Continue Reading