Meet our FundsIndia Smart Family!

February 6, 2014 . FundsIndia Desk

This Valentine’s season, we’re proud to announce the first FundsIndia Smart Family – Avinash and Urvashi Borse. Thanks to their impressive investment habits, our financial experts have chosen them for this accolade. Wondering what’s the mantra behind their investment success? It’s simple: Smart investing is indeed disciplined investing.

Meet the Borses


The Borses are a happily married working couple. Avinash is a Major in the Indian National Army currently serving in Kashmir, while Urvashi is a teacher in a private school in Pune. Their investment portfolio speaks volumes about how sound investment practices can help you save easily for your long-term goals. Their funda is simple: Invest regularly and pick funds prudently to achieve your goals. Avinash reveals, “Earlier, investments for us meant gold, a house or an LIC policy. But thanks to, Subramoney and JagoInvestor, investment concepts have become clearer. Now, with the help of FundsIndia’s smart plans, we have started a disciplined approach towards our future goals.”

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Here’s a quick snapshot of how they’ve invested their money to achieve their goals:

The Borses have used different FundsIndia services like Ready-to-go portfolios and Smart Solutions to invest their money. They say, “We have opted for the Ready-to-go portfolios and all of FundsIndia’s Smart Solutions as it offers a logical and time-bound approach to investing for different events in life.”

Give your loved ones the best gift


This Valentine’s Day, show your loved ones how much you care. Give them a gift that matters – a gift that grows with every passing day. Invest for them and ensure that they have a future that is not clouded by financial worries or uncertainties.

Says Avinash, “Investing and caring for one’s family are directly proportional to each other. Through investing, we are able to develop a disciplined approach towards various events in life. This is important for the welfare our family.”

Discipline, discipline and discipline

So, what does this star couple have to say to fellow investors? “Read and study before investing. Just like small drops build an ocean, regular investing with small amounts for a long period of time makes life easier. You can achieve any goal with just a disciplined approach towards investing.”

FundsIndia wishes the Borses a Happy Valentine’s Day and a successful investment journey! We’ve never been happier to know that our platform, products and services are being put to such good use by young couples in India!

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Happy investing!

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4 thoughts on “Meet our FundsIndia Smart Family!

  1. thanks to fundsindia for this success storey and it is encouraging the beginners llike us. wishes for them too.

  2. thanks to fundsindia for this success storey and it is encouraging the beginners llike us. wishes for them too.

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