Reach your goals, the smart way!

January 23, 2015 . FundsIndia Desk

Goal-based investing is the surefire way to ensure your investments don’t disappoint you. And there can be no better way to invest for your goals than through our Smart Solutions portfolios. Designed by our in-house research team, Smart Solutions is a simple, hassle-free guided portfolio that will be reviewed by our experts through its lifetime. Launched in June 2013, this investment service is based on a simple, yet effective premise – to actively advise investors on the performance of their portfolios until they achieve their goal. To start off, our research team picked four goals that are most relevant to people today – Education, Marriage, Retirement, and the most interesting one of them all – a starter kit for those who are just getting started with investing.

We then picked a basket of mutual funds appropriate to such goals for different time frame buckets. And we didn’t stop there.

Any successful investor knows that the secret to managing a profitable portfolio lies in the phrase – regular review. To make sure your investments work towards getting you to your goal, our research team periodically reviews your Smart Solutions portfolio for you, and sends click-easy expert recommendations to help keep your portfolio healthy. This service is available free of cost to all new and existing customers of FundsIndia.

Given below is the performance of our Smart Solutions portfolios, comparing it with the blended index’ returns. Here’s how well our portfolios have performed for you:


SIPP XIRR returns from June 1, 2013 to December 31, 2014.
With one change in fund made in June 2014 for 5-10 year marriage portfolio.

As can be seen in the above table, some of our portfolios beat the benchmark by as much as 20 percentage points.

Hence, the secret to investing is simple – set a goal, choose good funds, invest systematically and review regularly. Automate this process and let the experts take care of your investments with FundsIndia Smart Solutions. Click here to pick your Smart Solution today.


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11 thoughts on “Reach your goals, the smart way!

  1. Nothing wrong in promoting in-house products, but would like to see 2 things when a respected guy like fundsindia does that (for that sake, I see similar behavior even in other websites/advisors):
    1. Better give a proper introduction for the importance of goal-based investing, instead of a single-liner. Otherwise, this is just a marketing collateral, which people will pass-by in a second. From a recent talk from Srikanth, I understood this investing tool is technically sound, but want to see it represented correctly so there are takers.
    2. Like every other guy, returns are taken conveniently from a bull-run – 2013-2014. This is misleading and unscrupulous – showing unsustainable rate of return over long term. Please change your ways of representing it.
    3. Definitely, can add little more info on how goal-based investing is targeted by your product. This article is more like a link to your product!

    1. Hello Bharani,

      thanks for your feedback.
      1. We have very detailed coverage of Smart Solutions..ppts etc on the website. This particular post is indeed a promotion based on the performance. The research team which tracks this product has provided the performance and the FundsIndia desk has a note on it.
      2. I am afraid strong words there – to say unscrupulous etc. The article clearly says Smart solutions was launched in June 2013 and the returns are from that date. There is no point giving back dated returns for portfolios we did not create earlier. As this goes through longer periods, we will indeed put up the long-term returns. Currently, the portfolio track record permits us to only have this time frame of over 1.5 years.
      3. Will definitely pass this feedback.
      thanks, Vidya

    1. Hi Rahul, if these stocks are in an uptrend, then you will only be buying more at higher valuations, unlike a fund portfolio where the fund manager will anyway trim hldings on high valuation stocks. So you need to know whether the stocks you pick is worth such buying over long periods. regards, Vidya

      1. This is always a big conundrum for me! For MFs, if fund mgr always trims his/her holdings on valuations, then ideally I shouldn’t have (at least major) variations on my NAV! But that doesn’t happen – the value picks mgr’s made earlier, if held for long time, price keeps increasing until a certain time determined by mgr (b4 selling) – this means my NAVs are going to be higher with SIPs. Of course I am simplifying a bit here, but that is my impression.
        If I have 1 crore right now, I would rather invest as lump sum right now, than do SIP for 1/2/3/5 years. Over 10-20 years, due to compounding, I am still looking at a higher ROI. this is the way I see it!

  2. Thanks Vidya,

    In general over long term, do you recommend doing SIP in stocks and mutual funds simultaneously. I may not have lump sum to buy specific stocks. Appreciate your assistance.

    1. Rahul – SIP in MFs are good. For stocks – buy in phased manner based on valuations and outlook of the particular stocks. Remember with stocks, you are your own fund manager hence you cannot go on averaging without checking on prospects periodically. In a fund, the fund manager does that for you. Vidya

  3. Yes. Vidya, I agree with you. This was one question bugging me for long. I’ll keep that noted.

    Also, is consuming silver on a monthly basis from a ETF or a jeweler a good bet for long term investment. As a part of investment diversification. We do not have any SIlver ETF in here.

    Is it suggested to stick to MF route or I can put some in commodity.

    1. Hi Rahul, I am afraid I do not hold much expertise in tracking silver to comment on it. Commodity is, in my opinion, for those with deep pockets and understanding. It is also not the most tax efficient of channels. Vidya

  4. Great thanks.

    My last question – Is investing in ETF for diversification suggested for long term. Be it Sector specific (banking, infra, etc) ETF or benchmark ETF.

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