Temporary suspension of subscriptions in “DSP US Treasury Fund of Fund”

April 3, 2024 . FundsIndia Desk

The Investors are requested to note that as directed by SEBI vide email dated March 19, 2024 and AMFI email dated March 20, 2024,subscription will be temporarily suspended in DSP US Treasury Fund of Fund (‘Scheme’), fund of fund scheme of Fund w.e.f.April 01, 2024 in order to avoid breach of industry-wide limits for investment in overseas Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as allowed by RBI and as defined in clause 12.19 of SEBI Master Circular dated May 19, 2023.

No. Activity Impact
1. Subscription – Lumpsum / Switch in Shall not be accepted effective from April 01, 2024.
2. Fresh Systematic Registration (including systematic transfer plan/Transfer of IDCW Plan) Shall not be accepted effective April 01, 2024.
3. Installments of Systematic Investment (SIP)/Transfer Plans (STP)/Transfer of IDCW Plan Existing SIP/STP-in (Into the Scheme)/Transfer of IDCW Plan installments will not be processed till further notice.
4. Intra scheme switches between the Plan(s) and Options(s) in the same scheme. No impact. Switches within the Scheme will be processed.
5. Switch-out, redemptions registration of new systematic withdrawal plan (SWP), new Systematic Transfer Plan (STP-out), and installments of existing systematic withdrawal plan (SWP) and Systematic Transfer Plan (STP Out). No impact. Will be allowed.

For more details, read the addendum.

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