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Auspicious and hassle free – Gold funds for Akshaya Tritiya

FundsIndia Desk

Planning to buy gold on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya? Why not do it differently, smartly and tax efficiently? In order to do so, you need to go the…Continue Reading

Spotting a ponzi scheme

Vidya Bala

We have never been short of ponzi schemes and that too innovative ones. These scams are not restricted to the usual asset classes; they have taken into their fold the…Continue Reading

Use RSI More Effectively – Part II

FundsIndia Desk

Hope you found the previous week’s post on the Relative Strength Index (RSI) interesting. Taking the discussion forward, let’s discuss the typical range within which the RSI moves in a…Continue Reading

Nifty Weekly Outlook April 22-26

FundsIndia Desk

Here is the extract of the concluding paragraph from last week’s update: “The Nifty could rally to the immediate resistance at 5,610-5,620 range. A breakout past 5,650 could help the…Continue Reading

Use RSI More Effectively

FundsIndia Desk

In the last couple of weeks, we had discussed the MACD indicator and also talked about the Hook-Up pattern. Taking this series forward, the Relative Strength Index or RSI would…Continue Reading

What about Gold Now?

FundsIndia Desk

Gold has been grabbing the headlines for all wrong reasons. Gold, which traditionally enjoys a safe-haven status, lost its sheen this week with the price collapsing sharply. We had last…Continue Reading

Nifty Weekly Outlook – April 15-19

FundsIndia Desk

Operation Success, but the patient died! This best summarizes what happened last week. While the expected short-term bounce in the Nifty did materialize,  the long positions would have however  been…Continue Reading

Let’s Understand MACD: Part – II

FundsIndia Desk

Last week, we  discussed the MACD indicator and also highlighted the Hook-Up pattern.  Let’s take the discussion forward and look at a couple of more examples that highlight this concept.…Continue Reading

Let’s Understand MACD

FundsIndia Desk

MACD or the Moving Average Convergence-Divergence is one of the most popular indicators used by a technical analyst. It is one of the simplest and effective tools among the myriad…Continue Reading

Make use of indexation benefit for debt funds

Vidya Bala

With the financial year just ending, your next big task would be to calculate any tax on income other than your salary. If you are sitting down to calculate your…Continue Reading