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Should you invest in mid-cap funds?

Vidya Bala

With the CNX Midcap delivering 31% year-to-date thus far in 2014, against the CNX Nifty’s relatively modest 19%, all eyes are on the mid-cap universe. What makes the mid-cap stock…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Equity Strategies: Change spells opportunities for you

Vidya Bala

From uncertainty to confidence is what the markets went through from January till date in 2014. And that change of mood is what triggered a 15% rally in the Sensex…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Reviews: NFO of HDFC Corporate Debt Opportunities

Vidya Bala

HDFC Corporate Debt Opportunities is the new open-ended debt fund on the HDFC Mutual block. This fund, though coming out a bit late, may still find its place in the…Continue Reading

How NPA affects your portfolio – an investor enquiry

Srikanth Meenakshi

As you all know, FundsIndia operates an open access advisory channel for all our customers. Occasionally, we receive a query that is so topical and useful that we want to…Continue Reading

Short-term debt funds continue to offer opportunity

Vidya Bala

Markets were a bit shaken but not stirred, by a 25 basis-point repo rate hike by the RBI, perhaps postponed from about a month ago. While the 10-year gilt, the…Continue Reading

Changes in FundsIndia’s ‘Select funds’ list

Vidya Bala

FundsIndia’s ‘Select Funds‘, a list of investment worthy funds across various categories, helps you narrow your investment choice from the 100s of funds that you have to otherwise sift through…Continue Reading

Why your MIPs underperformed

Vidya Bala

When debt funds comfortably delivered 8-10% returns in the last  one year and monthly income plans (MIP) struggled to reach an average 6%, you may wonder whether you should own…Continue Reading

How to save tax on salary and build your investment kitty

Vidya Bala

It’s the beginning of the tax season. Likely that your company’s accounts/tax department will start asking you to submit your ‘tax-saving’  proof, if you have to escape or reduce your…Continue Reading

FAQs on investing in the current volatile market

Vidya Bala

With equity markets in turmoil, you may have plenty of questions on what to do with your equity portfolio and whether you could look at strategies to make your portfolio…Continue Reading

When should you invest in Fixed Maturity Plans?

Vidya Bala

The recent turmoil in the debt market has shown that it is not just the equity markets that require portfolio review. While not much changes for long-term wealth builders and…Continue Reading