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What is a mutual fund and why should you invest in it?

FundsIndia Desk

These days, you’re constantly bombarded with messages every day asking you to invest your money. Be it your parents, your friends, or ads (like AMFI’s Mutual Funds Sahi Hai series) on…Continue Reading

7 Reasons to start a SIP

Shweta Nichani

SIP – it’s the word you come across every day, in newspapers, online, hoardings, pamphlets, conversations with friends, colleagues or even neighbours. It seems like the word of the season,…Continue Reading

FundsIndia explains: When is it a good time to invest?

Mutual Fund Research Desk

When is it a good time to invest? But that’s a loaded question at any time, and not just in the current market mood. The answer to whether the time…Continue Reading

Here are 7 reasons why you should invest in mutual funds

7 reasons why you should invest in Mutual Funds

Aparna Hari

Earn. Save. Spend. This is the cycle of money that we live by every month, if not every day, of our lives. By now, we’re sure you know the importance…Continue Reading


FundsIndia explains: Closed-ended Fixed Income Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund Research Desk

Last week we looked at closed-ended mutual funds, and how they differ from open-ended mutual funds. We also took up in detail the other pros and cons of closed-ended equity…Continue Reading


FundsIndia Explains: Why all equity funds aren’t the same

Mutual Fund Research Desk

Read a review of an equity fund or look at their ratings and you will always find a mention of large-cap or mid-cap or multi-cap. For a newbie investor, this…Continue Reading