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Talk ‘investments’ with your partner

Vidya Bala

I am afraid I have to start on a gloomy note here to drive home the point. A few years ago, a friend’s sister suddenly lost her husband. Left in…Continue Reading

Don’t make resolutions; make habits

Vidya Bala

‘Resolution’ – I don’t particularly savour the term. It gives me a sense of requiring some steely determination to do something forcibly, and often, it makes me feel like it…Continue Reading

Are you doing the right investments for your children?

Vidya Bala

When we talk to you, our investors, there is one thing we know for sure. You are all earnest in your attempt to save for your kid’s future. You dream…Continue Reading

FundsIndia View: Three Mistakes to Avoid in an Equity Market Recovery

Vidya Bala

Fear and rationality are often thrown with reckless abandon in equity market rallies. 2003-07 did see investors do this; but they paid quite a heavy price in the ensuing fall.…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Strategies: Three Investment Mistakes to Avoid Now

Vidya Bala

With equity markets scaling new peaks, those of you who are already invested in equity funds, or are new to equities, may be thrilled. Thanks to the move, you may…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Wins Award for National Online Advisory Services

FundsIndia Desk

We are happy to share with you that has bagged the prestigious ‘Award for National Online Advisory Services’ at the Financial Advisor Awards 2014, presented by CNBC TV18-UTI. The…Continue Reading

A Portfolio for Women

FundsIndia Desk

Women are good at saving money; But not all women are good at investing money.  To build wealth, one has to follow a systematic, disciplined, and goal-oriented approach to investment.…Continue Reading

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