10 Ways to Not Let Credit Cards Rule Your Life

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The other day, my secretary discovered that I was the former Managing Director of the Credit Information Bureau Limited (CIBIL) of India. Immediately, she sheepishly sought my advice as she…Continue Reading

Should you or should you not shift lenders?

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In these times of stiff competition among different lenders, it is observed that there has always been an effort made by each of them to make a difference. An interest…Continue Reading

Plastic Money – Use It Wisely

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Credit cards, or plastic money, are a substitute for money and a convenient option at that. They make life easier, but with a caveat – “Do you use your credit…Continue Reading

Breaking up with your credit card

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Break ups are often known to carry the baggage of the past into the future. Some break ups could also haunt you at some stage of your life. You have…Continue Reading

Who says 750 is a good score?

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810! This was the credit score of an investment banker from Hyderabad. Wow, isn’t it? Rightly so, Mr. Investment Banker kept bragging about it to his colleagues, until one day, when…Continue Reading

The Sin of Late Payment

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Wouldn’t it be great if missing a payment once in a while was no big deal? With the busy schedules these days, it really is easy to forget dates…I mean…Continue Reading