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FundsIndia Explains: How are mutual funds taxed? Part II

Mutual Fund Research Desk

Last week, we covered the tax rules with regard to all categories of mutual funds. You know that with mutual funds, taxes apply in your hands at the time of…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Views: Invest long, invest right – Part I

Mutual Fund Research Desk

You would hear your mutual fund advisors recommending that you hold equity funds for the long term; typically five years or more. Ever wondered what happens, especially when you invest…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Explains: How are mutual funds taxed? Part I

Mutual Fund Research Desk

Please note – With the proposals detailed in the 2018-19 budget, the rules regarding equity fund taxation as explained in this article do not apply any longer. Click here for the…Continue Reading

FundsIndia explains: Internal rate of return on mutual funds

Mutual Fund Research Desk

Some of you who are into project planning may be asked by your finance team to give the internal rate of return (IRR) of the project you are planning. That…Continue Reading

FundsIndia explains: How do debt funds deliver returns?

Mutual Fund Research Desk

Last week, we covered basics of the types of debt funds. Now, let’s understand how debt funds make their returns. Once that is done, it’s easy to see how risks…Continue Reading

FundsIndia explains: What are debt funds?

Mutual Fund Research Desk

Income funds, dynamic bond funds, ultra short funds, yields, credit downgrades…for a newbie investor (and for many seasoned ones, too!) the world of debt funds can be a confusing place.…Continue Reading

FundsIndia explains: What is compounding?

Mutual Fund Research Desk

When anyone talks about investing, they say “Don’t work for money. Make money work for you”. And how does money work for you? It’s through compounding. What is it? Let’s…Continue Reading

FundsIndia explains: What is a fund category?

Mutual Fund Research Desk

You cannot compare apples to oranges, as they say. Would you look at the revenue and profit growth of Infosys and compare it to, say, BHEL or Larsen & Toubro?…Continue Reading

Changes to FundsIndia’s Select Funds

Mutual Fund Research Desk

For those of you new to our platform, our Select Funds is a list of investment worthy funds. Spread across categories, this list helps you narrow down your investment choices…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Explains: What is a factsheet?

Mutual Fund Research Desk

As a mutual fund investor, you would like to get comprehensive information on your fund. A single document provides this information for you – the factsheet. What is it? A…Continue Reading

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