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Gourav Kumar was a Principal Research Analyst, Mutual Fund Research at FundsIndia

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Got a Pay Hike? Here’s What You Should Do

Gourav Kumar

It’s that time of the year again. We are all waiting for our appraisal letters and ratings to find out how much our salary is going to increase this time.…Continue Reading


FundsIndia Explains: Why SIPs are more than just cost averaging

Gourav Kumar

SIP, or Systematic Investment Plan, is often touted as the best way to invest your money in mutual funds. Many new investors think SIPs are a type of investment. It…Continue Reading


I stopped my SIP – Extracts from an investor’s diary

Gourav Kumar

10th November, 2015 Today, I saw the Nifty was down 1.5%. The markets have been falling continuously. I think I received an email from Fundsindia saying the markets have fallen…Continue Reading

Budget 2018 impact – Why ELSS still scores over PPF

Gourav Kumar

After the 2018 budget imposed a 10% tax on long-term capital gains from equity last month, there was a debate whether ELSS still remains the best investment option to save…Continue Reading

Budget 2018 impact: Dividend distribution tax on equity funds

Gourav Kumar

Budget 2018 imposed a 10% tax on long-term capital gains from equity funds. This apart, the budget also proposed that dividends paid out by equity funds be taxed at 10%.…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Explains: Why shorter period returns may be higher

Gourav Kumar

You may often notice that 1-year returns of funds are higher than 3-year returns for some funds. Very often, the 3-year returns may also be higher than the 5-year returns.…Continue Reading


Should your Age Determine your Equity Allocation?

Gourav Kumar

If you are investing in mutual funds, you might have heard people talk about portfolio allocation. It is often advised to keep your equity allocation at 100 minus your age.…Continue Reading

FDs are not as risk free as you think

Gourav Kumar

SBI, Bank of Baroda and more recently Axis Bank cut their savings bank rate to 3.5%. This may mean that the already low FD rates may also dip further. Most…Continue Reading

Don’t go by market moods

Gourav Kumar

Tulip was the flower of choice way back in 1637. Its graceful stem, topped by a single, vivid flower, led some to believe it was more beautiful than a rose.…Continue Reading

Why you’re not saving enough for your retirement

Gourav Kumar

I remember a time when I used to go out and buy a pack of bread for Rs. 2. Now the same bread costs Rs. 10-12. There was a time…Continue Reading