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Welcome to Marketplace, FundsIndia’s official blog.

This blog gives folks at FundsIndia, mostly advisors, a place to present their thoughts on investing trends, markets, mutual funds, and other news relating to personal finance. The views presented here are those of the authors, and do not represent a collective, organizational view of FundsIndia.

Please note that this blog is intended to both entertain and educate. The writers will employ sarcasm and hyperbole occasionally to spice up the readability of the text. Hence, please don’t take what you read here too literally.

Also, please do not use what is written here as advice intended for you. Please consult your financial advisor before making investment decisions.

Our authors:

Srikanth Meenakshi: Srikanth is a founder-director of Wealth India Financial Services, a company based out of Chennai, India. The company’s online platform is www.fundsindia.com. Srikanth started his career with IBM global services, and moved on to a start-up online brokerage platform called Foliofn. This platform pioneered several innovative concepts in the personal financial industry such as basket trading, fractional ownership, and personal folios. After Foliofn, Srikanth worked in Fannie Mae, the largest firm in the secondary mortgage market in USA, where he worked in securitization and capital markets. Srikanth received his Masters degree in Computer Science at Oregon Graduate Institute in Portland, Oregon.

Vidya Bala: Vidya Bala is the Head of Mutual Fund Research at FundsIndia. A chartered Accountant by training, she was earlier with the Hindu Business Line’s research bureau, tracking mutual funds, stock markets and sectors for eight years.

B. Krishnakumar: B.Krishnakumar has been tracking equity, commodity and currency market for over 15 years. He heads Equity Research at FundsIndia. Prior to FundsIndia, he worked at The Hindu Business Line  and Dow Jones Newswires.

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  1. Is it only me or others can see it too? For me the blog banner on top looks like a setting sun, if true, hope it is not intentional!

    1. Sheetal,

      To me it looks like a sunrise…am I wrong? 🙂

      Anyways, this is just a place holder image till we figure out a well branded image for this space.



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