The Most Amazing Woman I’ve Met

March 8, 2022 . FundsIndia Desk

Penned by Sunantha S

As unusual as it is, the woman I want to appreciate and applaud is my husband’s aunt. This woman, who’s in her 70s now, is one of the most rebellious characters I’ve met. She had the spine to walk out of an unfair marriage that demanded her to leave her job and follow a life filled with orthodoxy. I can imagine people of my age taking such a bold decision. But 40-50 years ago, it was the rarest of rare things. Turning a deaf ear to stigma, traditions, she walked out of an unhappy marriage, and that too with a child to support. 

Despite all this, she did not lose her ability to love. The courage to love and nurture others after such a fateful incident is nothing short of extraordinary. She did not let customs tie her down, nor did she fall prey to depression or a gray life. She continued to like she always did, and raised a wonderful daughter too.

Even now, she doesn’t depend on anyone for her existence. With the pension she receives, she continues to live alone in the place of her choice. After hearing her story, how can one not admire her?

I thank her for inspiring many souls with her undefiable confidence and the way she declared that no one else can decide her life for her.

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