The Most Amazing Woman I Know

March 8, 2022 . FundsIndia Desk

Penned by Balaji V

To my most amazing woman,

You came into my life on 14th July 2008.

Thank you to my mom for showing you to me and thank you for agreeing to share your life with me and getting the knot from me.

Thank you again. I don’t say it enough. We don’t agree on a lot of stuff but one thing we do, is that we couldn’t live without each other. We’ve had each other’s backs for years now and I wouldn’t have survived without you there.

You know things about me as good as my mom.  You trust me way more than you trust yourself and no time or distance apart could ruin the bond we have. 

So many jokes, tears, memories, criticisms, fights and dreams we’ve come a long way and have much farther to go.

I’m just glad I’ll have you with me the whole way.

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