The Most Amazing Woman I’ve Ever Seen

March 8, 2022 . FundsIndia Desk

Penned by John Bosco

Dear Mom,

The Bible says God created everything and saw it as good. Finally, he created Adam a man and walked with him, and spoke to him, in other words, He was always with him but still, Adam was feeling lonely and could not experience His presence within. God saw and created Eve a woman to be with him. He showed his presence/love/care for everything in the form of Eve. Even after creating Adam, the world was incomplete, the final creation with Eve a woman completed the completion of the creation.

Without a Woman the world was incomplete and today without a woman, a man is incomplete. Today I would like to write on my mom who bore me in her womb and gave birth with deathful pain. She is the one who helped me to see the world, she is the one who helped me to walk and talk. She not only gave me her milk but gave me her blood so that I grow.

She gave birth to four children; she might have had a lot of dreams and happiness as we grew. Today she has four sons, four daughter-In- Laws, grandchildren are there, just imagining the happiness that would have been if we were to be together as a joint family. She lost her partner, my father 4 years ago. Today She is alone, no one is with her, she is still earning her daily bread.

What an agony she might be feeling when she goes back home in the evening all alone and spending the whole night all alone.

Mom. I can only feel and write these words for you and scream within. I Love you, Mom. I want to hug you and spend all my life serving you.

I am away from you and searching for you in each and every woman here around me. I respect, adore, and salute my Mom Eve who represents God in my life.

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