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Should you go for the dividend option post budget?

Vidya Bala

In our note on budget’s impact (FundsIndia Debt fund strategy post budget) we had mentioned that there is one more change that the budget has proposed in mutual funds. That…Continue Reading

How to use double indexation to reduce your taxes

Vidya Bala

 With just 3 months to go before the financial year ends (March 31), you will hear the term, ‘double indexation’ more often, especially in the context of products such as…Continue Reading

5 tax planning mistakes that salary earners should avoid

Vidya Bala

It’s tax-saving season yet again. But this time, make sure you gain the most from the incentives that the taxman provides while ensuring you do not end up making costly…Continue Reading

How to save tax on salary and build your investment kitty

Vidya Bala

It’s the beginning of the tax season. Likely that your company’s accounts/tax department will start asking you to submit your ‘tax-saving’  proof, if you have to escape or reduce your…Continue Reading

7 Tax Fundamentals Every Investor Should Know

Vidya Bala

Most of us seek to save on our income tax outflows but is it possible to save tax and also make smart investment choices? You can. Here are 7 fundamentals…Continue Reading