Cost averaging tools beyond SIPs

Vidya Bala

Last week, I penned a quick reminder on why you should keep your SIPs going, especially when you are building a long-term equity-tilted portfolio. True, some of you are well…Continue Reading

Why you should not stop your SIPs now

Vidya Bala

Are you looking at your funds’ one-year returns and wondering if something is wrong? The last you saw the returns chart, say December 31, 2012, most equity funds delivered 30%-plus…Continue Reading

Are you better off investing lump sums?

Vidya Bala

A recent article in Time magazine’s Business section quoted a report from fund house Vanguard that said investors with lump sum were better off investing in the markets all at…Continue Reading


One feature, three perspectives

Srikanth Meenakshi

As you are probably aware, we recently introduced a new feature on our platform called Flexi-SIP (more details here). Quick summary – this feature enables investors to setup a range of…Continue Reading