Nifty: Shift in Frequency

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Let me start off with a simple analogy before getting any further. I have an old radio which works pretty fine. I listen to my favorite program in Radio Mirchi…Continue Reading


Nifty & ITC: A Twist To Retracement

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Anyone interested in Technical Analysis would have read about Fibonacci Retracement, projections and the fractal nature of markets. Typically, analyst use the prior up-swing to identify potential area of support…Continue Reading

Nifty: Outlook For 2013

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It’s that part of the year when it is time to discuss the outlook for the year ahead. We had last discussed the outlook for the Nifty on November 16.…Continue Reading

Nifty: What is in Store?

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A lot of investors have been asking about where the Nifty is headed. Some have also expressed concerns about the weakening market sentiment across the globe in the past few…Continue Reading