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How to invest in Indian Large Caps – Active or Passive?

Arun Kumar

The large-cap active vs passive debate… What was our earlier view on Active Large Cap Funds (in Dec-19)? (Blog Link) High odds of Active Large Cap funds outperforming their Benchmark…Continue Reading

Large Cap Funds

Large Cap Funds – It ain’t over till it’s over

Arun Kumar

Auto drivers and market efficiency A few years back before the days of app-based auto booking (such as Uber, Ola etc.), I used to pay anywhere between ₹200- ₹300 to…Continue Reading

FundsIndia reviews: Large-cap funds

Bhavana Acharya

It has been quite a ride for the stock market, and especially large-cap stocks, since the Sensex peaked slightly above the 30,000 mark in March last year. The BSE 100…Continue Reading