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Does it make sense to invest in debt funds now?

Shrinath M L

Here are the returns of debt funds in recent years… One look at this table tells us that the past returns are not great!   And with the recent change…Continue Reading

Spike in gilt fund returns – should you invest?

Vignesh  Sayeesundar

Over the past month, we have been receiving many queries from our customers about gilt funds. The sudden spurt in such queries has been caused by the high 1-year returns…Continue Reading


FundsIndia Strategies: How to play the debt fund space

Vidya Bala

With the interest rates of bank Fixed Deposits (FDs) moving south, we have seen increased interest in debt funds. If you have made a switch from FDs to debt funds…Continue Reading


FundsIndia Debt Strategies : Debt Market Ripe for Returns

Vidya Bala

Instead of calling the tone of the Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement hawkish or dovish, we would like to believe that it indicates continuity in the RBI’s view on inflation, as…Continue Reading