FundsIndia Smart Solutions – Taking Online Investing To The Next Level

May 25, 2013 . Srikanth Meenakshi

We are happy and proud to introduce FundsIndia Smart Solutions – an active mutual fund portfolio service that is designed to help you get to your financial goals with confidence.

To start with, we have launched four FundsIndia Smart Solutions. Three are goal oriented – for kids’ education, their marriage, and for retirement. A fourth FundsIndia Smart Solution is for young folks who are not yet planning towards any goals, but just want to start investing. We call this the ‘Shubh Aarambh’ solution.

FundsIndia Smart Solutions

Each of the FundsIndia Smart Solutions will constitute expertly designed portfolios that will be presented to you based on your life goals and time-frames. These are not cookie-cutter solutions that offer the same funds for everyone, but will be customized according to your needs.

An investor would need to subscribe to a FundsIndia Smart Solution, and not simply make a one-time investment. Once they do, their portfolios will be monitored for them, and periodically adviced with respect to changes they would need to make to keep it up to date. Be it fund changes, asset re-balancing or asset reallocation – the FundsIndia Smart Solutions team will be there to guide you with your portfolios through the time-frame of your investment.

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These recommendations will be ‘click-easy’ to carry out. No tedious paper work or difficult online processes. Simple clicks to ‘Accept’ a recommendation will be all that is required to carry out the changes suggested.

FundsIndia Smart Solutions are available NOW for all our new and existing customers fully FREE of charge.

At FundsIndia, we have always used online technologies to innovate towards making investing an easy, convenient and flexible process. As an added benefit, it also allowed us to offer our services free of cost. With FundsIndia Smart Solutions, we are taking the online and technology advantages to the next level of being able to offer customized advice as a service in a scalable manner.

We think this is a bold, pioneering step in the right direction – towards making prudent investing easier, cost-effective and convenient. Please check out FundsIndia Smart Solutions at the link below and let us know what you think!

More links:

A brief presentation about FundsIndia Smart Solutions

A write-up that offers some more information on FundsIndia Smart Solutions

Happy Investing!

Srikanth Meenakshi

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25 thoughts on “FundsIndia Smart Solutions – Taking Online Investing To The Next Level

      1. Dear Sir,

        I want that fundsindia should introduce the online platform for all the financial needs. like i have bought a insurance from birla with the help of fundsindia account but i am not able to see all the details in my funds india account due to that i have to call every time birla people so please introduce this feature also in your account. last but not least request please also help allyour clients to open PPF account.


        Rohit Garg

        1. Hello sir,

          Thanks for the feedback. You are absolutely right. Our services and model should be replicated across financial domains/products. We’ll make every effort to do so.

          Counting on your support,


  1. Thank you for this innovative offering. I have already subscribed to one smart solution. I had a question which was not answered in the FAQ. If I already have a MF scheme (SIP/VIP etc), and the same is on offer in the smart solution, is it a different investment or will both be clubbed?

    Also, next step in your offerings should be specific recommendations for investor’s own portfolios. E.g. if I have a retirement portfolio set up, then once I provide some details about the purpose, duration etc about it to you, you should recommend changes. It would be great if you can break up a chunk of investments to multiple, smaller portfolios to track specific objectives. Th reality is that average investor will keep making investments without proper objectives. Any help in slicing and dicing these investments into a coherent strategy will be a great value add. I am sure that some paid PM services would do this, but for average investor, not seeking other, more complex PM services, paying that amount may not be enticing enough.

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for the kind words, and for subscribing! 🙂

      To answer your questions – we plan to keep the smart solution folios separate from other folios. The key to making smart solutions work is to be able to manage it as a separate, distinct unit whose asset allocation and scheme compositions can be tracked over a long term. For this, we need to keep it as simple as possible. Hence, at least at this time, we are keeping it separate.

      The idea you propose (guiding existing portfolios of investors) is a good one and something that we do need to consider. Realizing such ideas as services that can be offered in a technology enabled manner requires significant thought and design. We’ll keep striving towards it.



  2. Hello,

    Nice concept. I am the new user of FundsIndia and I really love the the simplicity of the site. On Friday night I was trying Smart Solution and created Smart Solution for retirement. Since I was just trying the features, I went to cancel the created Smart Solution but for my surprise cancel option doesn’t available. I have placed a request for cancelling the same. I also called support team and come to know that cancel feature not available online and it can be done by placing a request or calling the support team.
    My request is being fully online these options should be available and the customer needs to call the support of rare cases, since this will leads to increase in phone expense.


    1. Hello sir,

      Thanks for the feedback. We will get more online features such as ‘Cancel’ in due course. Until then, investors do not need to call – they can simply send an email and we’ll take care of it.



  3. Hi,

    Hope you are doing good. I must say, excellent initiative by the FundsIndia team.
    I have a query. I had subscribed for Funds India starter portfolio which has Icici Prudential and HDFC balanced already going on.

    So i want to understand if the shubh aarabh solution would work for me, as in HDFC balanced is the one which is present in both , with the extra being Reliance MIP.

    It would be great if you can throw some light on it.

    1. Hello sir,

      Thanks for the compliment.

      The Shubh Aarambh solution is a bit more conservative compared to the Starter portfolio. The reason for this is that we think people going with the Smart Solution will go for a shorter time period (3 years) as opposed to the one with the starter portfolio.

      For you, I would suggest a switch if your time frame is shorter and would suggest you stay in place with the starter portfolio if it is longer than three years.


  4. I would like to request to developed Fundsindia mobile app especially android platform , so that we can invest directly through this app.


  5. Great initiative. I am with fundsindia since last couple of years and have active SIP’s.
    How would this be helpful to me?

    1. Hello Lloyd,

      Thanks for the compliment.

      As you probably know, Smart Solutions is open for subscriptions for both new and existing investors of FundsIndia.

      If you already have goal-oriented SIP portfolios running in your account, I would not advice that you disturb them at this point. You can use Smart Solutions for specific goals that are not addressed by our SIP programmes – your retirement, for example.



  6. Dear Srikanth,

    Given the fact that, you not only suggest a portfolio but you take it as yyour own and keep monitoring, this is a wonderful thing.

    However, this is lacking one big thing amidst all the information.
    I feel final corpus as well should be shown, this allows anyone to decide on the amount.

    I want to invest 5000 into this portfolio, but what are my returns going to be (8%, 9%…), i understand the problem in giving this figure of returns, still, let it be realistic with 7-8% CAGR and show the final corpus, this should allow people to gauge on the Goal and keep investing.

    Thanks once again for the wonderful initiative, as far as i see, one of its kind.

    Thanks in advance,

    – Re-posting as this was posted under another thread for Vidya, by mistake.

    1. Hello Sunil,

      Thanks for the kind words. We do think this is an innovative and useful service.

      To answer your question, the reports that we will generate for such portfolios will have comprehensive information on the potential final corpus amounts (in different scenarios). Investors will be provided this report periodically so that they can keep track of how they are approaching their goals.

      Hope this clarifies,



      1. Thanks a ton Shrikanth for your prompt reply.

        If i understood you completely, Once we are onboard for these solutions, we have to periodically request reports and gauge the direction by looking at the corpus.
        Please Correct me if am wrong.

        However, my main concern is, for deciding any goal, i have an amount in mind (Say 5000 Per Month) and i require 7% CAGR to achieve my Goal in 15 Years, Now how should i know that the portfolio you are suggesting for me is correct?, because i dont see the returns (I agree , they are simply projected, but still…. valid).

        Hence, i might be always in dark area on what returns you are projecting out of thee funds.

        I agree thatonce, on board, i will be knowing, but with out even knowing if the final accumulated corpus meets my Goal, how should i board on these portfolios.

        I hope, i projected my problem correctly.

        Thanks in Advance,

        1. Hello sir,

          Thanks for following up.

          1. An investor would not need to periodically request such reports. They will receive it automatically.

          2. You can use the calculators in the Smart Solutions page to understand the amount required at different returns scenarios to achieve your goals. However, beyond that, we cannot project the potential returns of an investment portfolio (to get an investor to sign up) – that would contravene SEBI guidelines in this regard (SEBI guidelines prohibit showing potential returns to get investments).

          Hope this clarifies,


  7. Dear Srikanth,

    I got it 🙂 .

    Thanks again for your answer.

    I had a look at the Write Up on Smart Solutions


    Guess what, it’s really appealing.

    I shall study it again and will come back if i need any clarifications.


  8. Hi Srikanth,

    This excellent customer centric solution by you and your team. Kudos for this.

    I have a few suggestions; if possible add them to make it more enticing and user friendly:
    1. Pre-College Education Plan:
    to take care of 10th -12th class education as you parents need to take care of kids tuition fees, school expenses, private coaching etc.

    2. Post Graduate Education:
    assuming 2-4 years of pg education, again this are high ticket expenses

    3. Contingency(Emergency) Plan:
    The input to this should be similar to that in Retirement planning. For example, monthly expenses – Food, rentals, insurance, sundry expenses, Other expenses etc. to arrive for the value that needs to be considered for Contingency plan (CP). Some people would be happy to have 6months expenses as CP. Some might be comfortable with 12/18/24 months. Basically customer’s taste. Other input could be duration in which this CP would be build (6/9/12/15/18/24 months or even longer

    4. Big Ticket Item Plan: For example some one wants to purchase CAR (price 15 lacs) in say next 5 years, how much the fund would be required.

    5. Foreign Travel Plan: Again, someone can plan in say next 1, 2,3 or 5 years their foreign Travel. Take the input from customer (1.25 lacs per person, no of people travelling, etc) to arrive at the Fund investment plan.

    If you add above plans this would make it complete picture for a persons financial plan with the SMART Solution from FundsIndia.

    Anjani Singh

    1. Hello Mr. Anjani Singh,

      Thanks for the words of support, appreciate it.

      Also, appreciate the suggestions. Smart Solutions presently is a nascent product from a breadth of options perspective. Many of the financial goals you outline will be included in its ambit as the service matures and we understand investor needs better. Your feedback will be invaluable in this regard.



  9. Hello Srikanth, I’m an NRI trying to open an account with FundsIndia for the past 2 weeks or so. What a nightmare! It’s as if I’m the first person trying to open an account…. I don’t want to sound too harsh but if you share your email address I’ll tell my story.

    Good luck,

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