Are Smart Solutions Portfolios for you? – A quick overview

July 31, 2015 . FundsIndia Desk

How would you feel if two powerful forces came together to fulfil your dream? Smart Solutions, India’s first Robo-advisory service, does just that. It brings together the power of technology and human-expertise like never before.

High returns…delivered


How does it work?

Smart Solutions uses the expertise of investment advisors to:
– prepare a mutual fund portfolio for you according to your goal
– regularly monitor the performance of the portfolio
– suggest changes to the portfolio if any deviation in performance is found

Technology helps eliminate any and all work on your part. Your portfolio auto-drives its way to your goal. To implement any expert-recommended changes, all you have to do is click a button. The changes will be implemented right away.

What does it do?

The objective of Smart Solutions is to be with you every step of the way, until you achieve your investment goal.
– It offers a quality portfolio for different goals and time frames
– It reviews the portfolio periodically to ensure that you stay with the right funds always, with minimal effort on your part
– It helps you rebalance your portfolio to ensure that asset allocation never goes out of sync

What goals can you choose from?

Smart Solutions are available in four variants:
– Smart Solutions for Education
– Smart Solutions for Marriage
– Smart Solutions for Retirement
– Shubh Aarambh – An investment starter kit

Who can invest?

Smart Solutions is a free mutual fund service. It is best suited for those:
– Interested in goal-based investing
– Looking for convenience-driven portfolio management

Getting started?

Get to your investment goal with the perfect combination of technology and financial expertise. Invest in your goals with FundsIndia’s Smart Solutions.


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