A Portfolio for Women

March 5, 2014 . FundsIndia Desk

Women are good at saving money; But not all women are good at investing money. 

To build wealth, one has to follow a systematic, disciplined, and goal-oriented approach to investment. This rule holds good for women too. Since women have a natural tendency to save, and save regularly in a disciplined way, the key is for them to channelize their savings in smart investment channels.


But here’s the reality: In general, women tend to be a bit conservative when it comes to investments. They stick to traditional investment options such as Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits, or even worse, their Savings Bank Accounts. This is why women lose out on good returns on their investments as these options do not help build wealth optimally, given their poor post-tax returns and inability to beat inflation.

There are many reasons why women put off investing in smart investment avenues that are usually found out of banks. One main reason is that they find the array of investment choices to appear complex. Some of the questions we often receive from our women investors are:

  • Are investment products outside banks regulated?
  • Do such products deliver superior returns?
  • Can I get my money when I want to?
  • What about the taxes that are levied on such investments?

If these are your reasons to put off your investment plans, then it’s time you put an end to all such excuses now. By sticking to conservative and age-old investment options, you are restricting the potential of your money to grow. Women can still keep their risk appetite low and explore more contemporary options such as mutual funds, that are not only regulated but allow investors to make small sums of investment regularly.

Keeping in mind the risk tolerance of women, their savings pattern, and the need to generate inflation-beating and tax efficient returns that are superior to traditional investment options, we have designed a special mutual fund portfolio for women. This portfolio, christened the ‘FundsIndia Smart Woman’s Portfolio‘, has also been asset allocated across equity, debt and gold funds so that your risk is low, but not your returns!

This International Women’s Day, stop procrastinating and simply start investing. And what better way to do that than with the FundsIndia Smart Woman’s Portfolio? Empower yourself and your money by making the right investment decision. After all, it’s time you earn, invest and enjoy!

Happy investing!


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