Introducing – The FundsIndia Advisory Review Board

April 22, 2015 . Srikanth Meenakshi

logo_arbI am happy and proud to announce the launch of the FundsIndia Advisory Review Board (ARB), a mechanism by which FundsIndia’s customers can seek a review and a second-opinion about the advice they’ve received from a FundsIndia advisor.

This service is available right away to all FundsIndia investors, and is free of cost.

What is it?

The FundsIndia ARB is a small group of senior people in FundsIndia who have many years of experience counseling customers and building investment portfolios for varying needs. They will bring their expertise and experience to review advisory recommendations made to customers, and either explain the guidance provided, or modify it, if required.

The FundsIndia ARB will constitute three people and will meet regularly. One of the people will be the Head of the Advisory group in FundsIndia. A representative from the Mutual Fund Research team will be the second person, and a person from the management will be the third person.

Whenever an advisory recommendation is taken for review, the Advisor who provided the recommendation will also be a part of the group (to explain his/her interaction with the customer and to provide the rationale behind the recommendation). The ARB might also bring in the investor into the discussion, as needed, to obtain any additional information that might be required.

Why are we doing this?

Since inception, we have always strived to provide free, high-quality advisory services to our customers. As we grow, it is important that we put in place processes and mechanisms that will ensure that we maintain the quality of advice that we provide. The FundsIndia ARB is a formal process to ensure that our customers are convinced that the advice they receive is well considered and appropriate for them.

Our model of providing advisory services from one central location provides us with the first point of quality control in terms of the funds we recommend, and portfolios we design for specific needs, as well as uniformity in the quality of advisory service we provide.

However, we have plans to grow further and provide good advice, in a scalable manner, to a lot more people than we do today. We would NEVER want to see the quality of our advisory services get diluted by our growth.

The FundsIndia ARB provides us an important safeguard in this regard by ensuring we offer only top notch advisory service, irrespective of our size. We see the FundsIndia ARB as reinforcing this commitment to our customers.

How can customers write to the ARB?

This part is very simple. Any customer who would like an advice they received from a FundsIndia Advisor to be reviewed by the ARB would simply have to write to The customer would have to enclose the advice they received and any specific questions or comments that they may have.

The ARB would meet on a regular basis. However, if a review is required urgently, the customer can specify that, and we can expedite in such cases.

Our motto, from day one of starting this company, has been – ‘Enriching India, one investor at a time’. As we grow, we don’t want to lose sight of the fact that every investor is separately, individually, important for us. We see the FundsIndia ARB as reinforcing this commitment to our customers.

Happy investing!

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