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FundsIndia explains: What is a fund category?

Mutual Fund Research Desk

You cannot compare apples to oranges, as they say. Would you look at the revenue and profit growth of Infosys and compare it to, say, BHEL or Larsen & Toubro?…Continue Reading

‘Risk and I’: A chance to share your story and win

FundsIndia Desk

The say experience is the best teacher. However, without risk there would be no new experiences, and, without new experiences, there would be no learning, or growth., an online…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Explains: What is a factsheet?

Mutual Fund Research Desk

As a mutual fund investor, you would like to get comprehensive information on your fund. A single document provides this information for you – the factsheet. What is it? A…Continue Reading

FundsIndia explains: What is benchmark?

Mutual Fund Research Desk

Do you remember back in school, when you went back to your parents with your exam results? If it was a particularly hard paper and you scored 60%, your first…Continue Reading

FundsIndia explains: What is NAV?

Mutual Fund Research Desk

Ever wondered what all that jargon in fund factsheets or application forms or articles on investments mean? To make it easier to understand the world of investing, we are starting…Continue Reading

Out Now: FundsIndia’s App for iOS Users

FundsIndia Desk

The wait has finally ended. FundsIndia’s app for iOS users has officially been launched on the Apple App Store. iOS users can now access their FundsIndia account conveniently on their…Continue Reading – A new site for the risk-taker in you

FundsIndia Desk

Risks are a vital part of life. Without risks, it isn’t quite possible to learn or grow. Without taking risks, no progress can be made, and life wouldn’t be quite…Continue Reading

We now have a new address!

FundsIndia Desk

It makes us very happy to tell you all that the FundsIndia headquarters now has a new address in Chennai. We’ve moved from Nungambakkam to Royapettah. The shift is taking…Continue Reading


Can Social Learning help Investing?

Nilakantan Rajaraman

Historically, every single attempt to automate human activity has been met with stiff resistance. In the late 19th and early 20th century, when tall buildings started coming up, lifts or…Continue Reading raises Rs. 70 crore in Series C round of funding

Srikanth Meenakshi

I’m glad to announce that has completed its third round of funding by raising Rs. 70 crore last week. Faering Capital led this round, and our existing investors –…Continue Reading

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