FundsIndia Live – Webinars on Livestream

July 18, 2013 . FundsIndia Desk

We are happy to inform you that FundsIndia’s webinars will now be hosted on Livestream – the leading online interactive broadcasting service. Now, you no longer have to download complicated software programmes or sift through virtual piles of content to watch our webinars. All you have to do is:

  1. Complete a one-time registration on Livestream by clicking here.

  2. Follow FundsIndia’s Livestream profile by clicking the green ‘Follow’ button.

And voilà! You’ll receive an alert as soon as we schedule a webinar for you! You will also receive a reminder email once the event is about to start.

With this change in our webinar host, you’ll find that viewing a webinar is as simple as viewing a Youtube video. Moreover, you’ll be able to post comments or questions on the topic in discussion and interact with the presenter in real time, giving you a superior conversational experience. In case you aren’t able to attend the webinar, you will be able to access our video archives so that you can watch our webinars anytime and anywhere, according to your convenience.

Your webinar experience with FundsIndia will now be so much more fulfilling and rewarding. Like always, we go the extra mile to enhance your investing, viewing and learning experience with us! We hope to see you in our next webinar!

To watch our webinars, please click here to register.

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