Top 5 Investments To Make This Diwali

October 28, 2016 . Srilekha Veena Sankaran

Top 5 Diwali time investments with FundsIndiaCrackers, lights, new clothes, sweets, friends, family, joy – we sure know that Diwali is here! With the festive season catching up fast and the exuberance dawning on us, there is vigor and zest everywhere. While you are busy checking things off your ‘purchase’ list, you might also want to consider making these investments that can potentially change your life for good.

Here are top 5 investments to make this Diwali.

1. Invest In Family Time
With smartphones eating into our time, the significance of family bonding is rapidly fading. How many of us  spend quality time with family and friends without getting drowned in a pool of social media updates? What good is a job if it is so stressful that it deprives us of the simple joys of life? If the festive season is all about family and bonding with our loved ones, then so be it. Remember, happiness only compounds when it is shared!

Starting this Diwali, try catching up with people who really matter to you, in person or over a simple phone call. Let’s make it a habit of forgetting about work when we are with our family and friends, shall we?

2. Invest In Your Health
Don’t let your commitments overshadow your well-being. Failing health can eclipse everything else that’s going on in your life. Investing in your health means making adequate sleep a priority, eating a balanced diet, exercising and going for regular health checkups. Making a commitment of inculcating healthier habits this Diwali can have a significant payoff. You’ll really feel better in everything you do.

3. Invest In Self-Improvement
Self-improvement entails engaging yourself in exciting activities like picking a new hobby, learning a new sport or an instrument – something that can potentially help you understand yourself and your abilities better. It helps you in creating personal goals, managing time effectively, and allows you to have a diversified lifestyle, keeping you away from monotony. Investing in “me time” contributes to your holistic development and enriches the overall quality of your life, by zapping negativity.

4. Invest In Your Dreams
Now that you have zapped negativity, what’s next? Architecting your dreams, of course. Investing in your dreams means thinking long term, setting realistic goals and working towards achieving them all.  It’s what puts your life into real action mode and makes you accountable and gives you laser focus on what exactly to spend your time and energy on. Allocate some time to set short and long term goals for yourself, and a clear plan on how to go about achieving them within the stipulated time.

5. Invest Your Money
It goes without saying that you need to build wealth for a financially secure tomorrow. Your goal could be planning your retirement, saving up for a vacation, buying a swanky car, or building your dream home. Building wealth should not stop with stocking up cash in your savings account. You should grow the money you earn. While you work hard to earn money, make sure you invest in the right places to make money work for you too. As Albert Einstein said, compounding is the eighth wonder of the world. Invest wisely, so that your money compounds and gives you the freedom to accomplish all your dreams.

How better to take care of your finances than with the help of a wealth-building friend, like FundsIndia, who will help you build wealth the smart and stress-free way? We take complete care of your financial goals, so you can invest equally in your family time, dreams, health, and personal development. With our expert financial advisory services and well-researched investment recommendations, becoming wealthy is no more a far-fetched dream.

This Diwali, skyrocket the quality of your life by making these wise investment choices. May your investments shine bright like the crackers in the sky.

Happy Diwali!

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