Changes to FundsIndia’s Select Funds list

January 12, 2017 . Mutual Fund Research Desk

FundsIndia’s Select Funds is a list of funds that you can invest in today. Spread across categories, this list helps you narrow down your investment choices from the hundreds of funds that you would otherwise have to sift through before investing. We review this list on a quarterly basis. There are additions to ensure that good funds are not left out. There are also deletions if we find certain funds’ strategies to be inappropriate for the prevailing market conditions.

None of the funds that we have removed from our list are exits, unless we clearly state that. Those who hold funds we have removed from the list can continue to stay invested in them. Funds we take off our list are not poor. Their performance, based on metrics such as consistency, volatility, or returns have slipped compared to the category leaders. Given that the Select Funds list represents the investment-worthy funds today, we remove such funds from the list.

In this review, we have made changes in most equity fund categories, debt-oriented hybrid funds, and one debt fund category. As a FundsIndia investor, you would have received an email explaining the changes to the list and the reasons behind the same. You can also log in to your FundsIndia account or to view the updated list.

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