Capital Gains report – new and improved

July 11, 2013 . Srikanth Meenakshi

Right in time for the tax-filing season, we have launched the newly redesigned capital gains report for FundsIndia mutual fund investors. Account holders can get access to it right now by logging into their account, and following this path:

Capital gainsMF Investing –> Reports (from the left menu) –> Capital gains statement

What is new about this report?

Details, details, details – that’s what’s new. We have retained the original summary sheet where one can get access to the high level information about the capital gains – realized and un-realized over the year. But the real work is in the second sheet of the report.

This report contains transaction level detail for every capital-gains incurring transaction made by the investor. For every such transaction, the report shows a wealth of data.

Here are the list of columns shown (with explanation as needed):

Scheme name
Folio number
Asset Type – whether it is equity, debt, gold, etc.
Short term/long term – whether the gain realized is short-term or long-term gain
Sale Date
Sale proceeds
Purchase date – if multiple purchase dates are applicable, then all the dates are listed
Purchase price – total purchase price
Gains – absolute gains
STT paid (Rs)
TDS (Rs)
Purchase Cost after indexation – if indexation is applicable, this shows the purchase price post indexation
Gains after indexation – gains relative to the post-indexation purchase price
Average cost price
Number of units
Transaction type

The benefits of this report are that it provides transaction level detail – meaning if you want to segment gains by quarter or a different period, you can do so. Plus, providing indexation cost figures makes it easy to decide whether to pay taxes pre or post-indexation.

With this set of information handy, filling out your tax data becomes a breeze, or you can simply hand this spreadsheet over to your tax accountant to take care without any errors or omissions.

Happy filing!

PS: Here’s a very useful article written by one of our advisors Rajaraman on how to report taxes on capital gains

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