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November 24, 2013 . Srikanth Meenakshi

New home pageAs you have probably noticed, has a new look. (If you are receiving this post via email, please come on over to our website and check it out)

Here’s what’s going on.

Over the past several months, we have been working on a whole new look and feel for our website, in total. This new look is the first phase of this effort.

In this phase, all the screens prior to logging into your account have been changed to a new, dynamic look. In the second phase, the post-login pages – the account pages – will get a new look, workflows etc.

Why are we doing this? Multiple reasons –

First, we wanted to give our entire site a more uniform look. Different parts of our site were created at different times and have had slightly different look and feel. It was time we consolidated the site into a single user experience.

Second, we wanted to make different elements of our website more accessible and more interconnected. The new UX gives us the opportunity to have our transactional, advisory, and planning sections of our website work closely with each other.

Third, we wanted to make our initial pages (pre-login pages) friendlier to people who are beginners to mutual funds in India and make them more informative for them. In effect, make these pages speak a language that is comfortably understandable to first-time investors.

The changes that we are making to inner pages (account pages) will focus on providing more information to investors about their portfolios, have more streamlined workflows, and, hopefully, make it easier to find things in our site for our customers.

As always, we get better when we hear back from you. Please do let us know what you think of our new design.

Happy surfing!


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8 thoughts on “New look

  1. Love the new look, but I feel that the efforts could have been expended on creating a mobile version of the site. Lots of young people already use their mobiles more and more to access the internet. Hoping to see a mobile version of FundsIndia or mobile apps soon.

  2. Sir,
    I have been a fundsindia user since July 2011. I have always loved your Mutual Fund platform. I regret that I cannot say the same for your equity/stocks platform. On more than couple of occasions, I have been let down and have incurred loss for the equities on which I could have made profits. I had sent few suggestions to your Head of Equities on Oct 05 2013. I was told that you are planning to do a makeover of equity platform and I would see some change.I am not sure if those changes have been incorporated in production.

    I would also say that effort should be made to provide more user friendly workflows or reports for equity platform too, which exist for mutual funds. For example, I do see some significant changes for mutual fund where user can change SIP amount without stopping the running SIP. It’s very useful.

    I think you will agree that user will appreciate these functionality rather than funky home page.



    1. Hello sir,

      Srikanth here.

      I concede your point.

      We are seized with the issues relating to our equities platform. As I wrote in the post above, we are making wholesome changes to the platform, and it will include usability enhancements to the equity platform as well. We want to see our vision of a investor friendly (not trader oriented) equity platform fully realized in our platform’s user experience. I know that we have some ways to go before getting there. We are moving towards it, though.

      Thanks for your patience,


  3. Currently, ‘blogs’ are not directly accessible from the homepage. Unless it is a conscious decision to provide blog access to only the members, I believe it is a feature that will be useful. Your articles in the blog are something that attracted to me to your portal before I became a regular member.

    I voice Mr. Sunil Kumar’s opinion above. I request you to please improve your equity platform.

    1. Hello sir,

      Blogs are indeed accessible from the home page, and there is no intention to make it ‘members-only’. If you scroll down, a link to the blog can be found in the ‘Experts speak’ section of the footer.

      Also, it can always be accessed via the URL directly.

      The re-design puts a focus and emphasis on entry-level users and hence the ‘why mutual funds’ and ‘why fundsindia’ themes getting prominence up top.



  4. The new look is fantastic but I think you should also look into the payload. The home page main image is not optimised for web and thus the home page takes quite time to load.

    The mutual fund platform is best in the market and is still improving. But the equities platform needs a complete makeover.

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