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Step by step guide to goal based investing

Ashwini Arulrajhan

Most of you save without attributing those savings to specific requirements you may have. When you save towards specific goals or aspirations it is called goal based investing. You may…Continue Reading


FundsIndia Explains: Role of Inflation in Financial Planning

Mutual Fund Research Desk

If you have ever spoken to a financial advisor, they might have asked you about your financial goals. Thinking of your investments in terms of goals requires you to estimate…Continue Reading

A man (investor) standing on a cliff, and staring at his goal - a mountain peak (his goal)

3 reasons why goal-based investing is good for you

Akash Kapur

If you’ve been reading up on mutual funds lately, chances are you’ve seen people talking about ‘goals’ and ‘goal-based investing.’ So, what is goal-based investing? Put simply, it is the…Continue Reading