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Credit reports: Now available on FundsIndia

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Your credit score is a numerical value that denotes your creditworthiness. To build a strong financial future, it is important to understand your credit. You can now download your CIBIL…Continue Reading

10 Ways to Not Let Credit Cards Rule Your Life

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The other day, my secretary discovered that I was the former Managing Director of the Credit Information Bureau Limited (CIBIL) of India. Immediately, she sheepishly sought my advice as she…Continue Reading

Three ways to maximise your returns on plastic money

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The plastic money phenomenon – ‘Buy now, pay later,’ is believed to be a modern day convenience mantra. But did you know that the history of credit cards dates back…Continue Reading

Three ways to go from no credit to credit

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Did your loan application get rejected because you don’t have any credit history? Well, here’s how you can build your credit history in a healthy manner. Well, yes! It’s a…Continue Reading

Ways to improve your credit score

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Your credit score – a 3 digit number can make or break your financial dreams for it is a reflection of your past payment behaviour. Credit scores have gained importance…Continue Reading

Why your income is not a part of your credit score

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Race, religion, gender, nationality, marital status and employment history do not impact credit scores. It is because these factors do not help in assessing the credit worthiness of an individual.…Continue Reading

When should you close your credit card?

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Do you feel that you have too many credit cards? Are some of them lying idle with you? The correct step is to close these credit cards. But before doing…Continue Reading

Who says 750 is a good score?

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810! This was the credit score of an investment banker from Hyderabad. Wow, isn’t it? Rightly so, Mr. Investment Banker kept bragging about it to his colleagues, until one day, when…Continue Reading