FundsIndia Features: Portfolio X-Ray

July 11, 2019 . Anirban Chakraborty

So, you have started investing in mutual funds, but are wondering where exactly your money is being invested, what holdings you have, etc. The nature of mutual funds is such that this information may not be very easy to grasp. To solve this problem, we at FundsIndia introduced a new feature, Portfolio X-Ray, in association with Morningstar, a reputed global investment services firm. It will help you get a holistic view of your portfolio instantly.

Why do you need a Portfolio X-Ray?

Aptly named, it is a sophisticated analytical tool that lets you probe your portfolio and obtain a lucid view of your holdings. It will let you assess your overall asset allocation as well as sector-wise weightage. You’ll be able to uncover concentrated positions, view the stock holding behind your funds of choice, while also being able to measure performance against industry benchmarks/indices. With your Portfolio X-Ray, you can stay abreast of the latest happenings and corporate actions pertaining to your holdings.

Portfolio X-Ray provides you with a personalised report of your investments while highlighting various aspects such as investment style, asset allocation, stock sectors, region spread, top 10 holdings, and many more useful insights.

This potent tool involves complex underlying methodologies and calculations in the backend and employs an easy-to-understand graphical representation that can be interpreted even by novice investors.

With a Portfolio X-Ray, you can:

  • Evaluate your underlying holdings, overall sector exposure, and investment style
  • Delve deep to identify portfolio strengths and weaknesses
  • Scan your whole portfolio in a straightforward report offering an extensive picture
  • Expose overlaps and imbalances in funds within your portfolio

If you’re already an investor on FundsIndia, you can get your Portfolio X-Ray right now! Just login to your account, visit the Portfolio page and click on “Portfolio X-Ray” report on the top right to download it. 

Consolidate your investments

To get the wholesome benefit of our portfolio review service, and by extension, Portfolio X-Ray, you can use FundsIndia’s Easy Transfer feature to bring all your holdings to FundsIndia. It will let you track all your investments with ease, while also empowering your financial advisor to give you the best possible suggestions and insights, now that he/she can gain an absolute perspective of all your investments.

Still confused? Talk to your advisor now!

On the other hand, if your investments are scattered in multiple places, you might never be able to take control of your investment journey. 

If you’re a FundsIndia Investor, be rest assured that we won’t just help you invest right, but also educate you about your own portfolio. So, consolidate all your holdings on our versatile platform and steer your investments in the right direction!



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