Welcome Vidya, FundsIndia’s head of mutual fund research

September 17, 2012 . Srikanth Meenakshi

We take great pleasure in welcoming Vidya Bala to Team FundsIndia as Head of Mutual fund Research.

Many of you might already be familiar with Vidya. She was the Chief Research Analyst at Business Line and wrote regularly on myriad personal finance and investment topics. She has recommended funds, analyzed sectors and portfolios, answered hundreds of investor questions, and provided insight and commentary on a host of investment options available in India.You can see a sample of her work at Business Line here. A chartered accountant by background and training, she has been researching funds, markets, sectors and companies for the last eight years.

She now brings all this expertise to FundsIndia where she will be leading us on all aspects of mutual fund research and recommendations. You can expect to see her write in this space often, come to you with research recommendations regularly, review funds and fund houses, and more. With her help, we will also soon launch a revamped fund advisory section in FundsIndia with brand new pre-packaged portfolios and other innovative services.

Welcome, Vidya!

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