Changes to FundsIndia’s Select Funds list

October 11, 2017 . Mutual Fund Research Desk

With SEBI’s recent circular on fund categorization (read about it here), we are happy to let you know that at FundsIndia’s research, we have followed a structured methodology to categorise funds based on market cap (in the case of equity) or based on duration and credit risk profile (in the case of debt), long before such a regulation came into place. Our process is not far from what has been mandated now as a circular. These formed the basis for categorising and comparing funds and rating them inhouse.

Further, our list of investment worthy funds, called ‘Select funds’ has, since 2012, a process in place to ensure we offer only funds that have unique and clearly defined strategies and avoid, wherever possible, multiple funds that follow like-styles. While SEBI’s current circular aims to reduce duplication in fund styles, at FundsIndia, we are proud to have had such a process in place 5 years ahead of this circular.

Rest assured, that once fund houses complete the categorisation of funds and consolidate them, we will be able to finetune our offering to a further compact list of funds and ensure you stay with the ones that are not hurt by such consolidation exercises and continue with a clear strategy.

As a FundsIndia investor, you would have received an email listing the changes and the reasoning for these changes. You can view the updated list by logging into your FundsIndia account, or by accessing this link after logging in:

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