FI Bullets – March 2024

April 23, 2024 . Equities Desk

March typically emerges as a subdued month in the financial calendar, marked by strategic maneuvering among investors to optimize their portfolios. This period often witnesses a flurry of activity as investors engage in tax-loss harvesting, shedding underperforming assets to mitigate their capital gains tax liabilities stemming from profitable investments. 

Notably, March 2024 defied this trend as the Nifty surged past the 22,000 milestone, scaling new heights to reach 22,526, yielding a notable 1.57% return for the month. Similarly, the BSE Sensex also demonstrated resilience, delivering a respectable 1.59% return. This remarkable feat can be attributed to the buoyant macroeconomic indicators and the steadfast influx of foreign capital, underscoring the resilience of the Indian financial landscape.

The BSE Auto index emerged as the frontrunner with an impressive 4.96% surge, closely trailed by the BSE Metal index, which saw a robust uptick of 4.95%. Conversely, the BSE IT index experienced a downturn, registering a decline of 7.20% in returns. 

Here is how our recommendations performed in March 2024.

Total Recommendations – 109

  • Intraday – 88
  • Momentum  – 19
  • Short Term – 20
  • MTF – 6

Futures and Options

Here is the performance of our recommendations for Futures and Options.

Total Recommendations: 25

Star performers:

Given below are a few star performers in our recommendations for the month of March 2024.

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