FI Bullets – February 2023

March 14, 2023 . Equities Desk

It was a particularly interesting month for the Indian stock markets. The stock market has been caught off guard by wild stock movements and global volatility.

FundsIndia as a company is dedicated to providing great assistance in terms of service and transparency. Hence, we would like to share with you our performance summary for the month of February 2023.

Strike rate: 

We at FundsIndia use the term strike rate to represent the accuracy of the recommendations given by our equity research team to valued customers like you. The below graph explains in detail the strike rate in intraday, margin, momentum, BTST(Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) and short-term trades. 

Total Recommendations – 75

  • Intraday – 40
  • Margin   – 3
  • Momentum  – 13
  • Short Term – 16
  • BTST – 3

Futures and Options

Options trading is more attractive than ever due to current market conditions. Here is how our F&O recommendations resulted in  February 2023. 

                                                       Total Recommendations : 49

Star performers:

Given below are a few star performers in our recommendations for the month of  February 2023.

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